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Ecosperity Week 2024

Critical Minerals: The Bedrock of a Green Future?
15 April 2024, 02:00 – 02:35 GMT
Marina Bay Sands,  Sands Expo & Convention Centre, Singapore

Join ICMM Co-COO and Social Performance Director Danielle Martin at Ecosperity Week 2024 moderating a fireside chat on 'Critical Minerals: The Bedrock of a Green Future? '

Themed “Renewing Our Vibrant Spring”, the 10th edition of Ecosperity Week 2024 aims to be a springboard to accelerate climate and nature-positive action, inspiring action-oriented discussions and deepening the collective ownership across all stakeholders. The three-day conference will gather global leaders for multi-stakeholder discussions on radical solutions across policy, technology, nature and finance to accelerate a green and just transition.
Ecosperity Week 2024 will feature a line-up of plenary sessions across three days:

  • Day 1 (15 April): Zeroing In on Common Ground to accelerate decarbonisation and the energy transition
  • Day 2 (16 April): Integrating Nature-Positivity in business to address the climate-nature nexus – in curation with GenZero
  • Day 3 (17 April): Crowding In Capital for Green Growth, at the Financing Asia’s Transition (FAST) conference, jointly organised by BlackRock, the Monetary Authority of Singapore and Temasek

Join ICMM Co-COO and Social Performance Director Danielle Martin moderate a fireside chat on 'Critical Minerals: The Bedrock of a Green Future? '.

Fireside chat - Critical Minerals: The Bedrock of a Green Future?

In the journey towards a sustainable future, critical minerals are the cornerstone of green transition: from wind turbines and electrical grids to electric vehicles. This long-term shift, however, is laden with challenges from both demand and supply side. As the green transition spans decades with significant impact on the society and environment, its success also hinges on the mining industry’s ongoing evolution of its social and environmental practices. How can companies balance meeting the growing demand for energy transition minerals with responsible E&S practices? What is the role of investors in paving the way to a sustainable and responsible mining practices while tapping on new opportunities?

  • Danielle Martin, Co-COO & Social Performance Director, ICMM
  • Dominic Barton, Chairman, Rio Tinto; Chairman, LeapFrog Investments
  • Scott Clements, Partner, Tribeca Capital