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26th World Mining Congress 

26th World Mining Congress
Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO)
26 June 2023– 29 June 2023,
Brisbane, Australia

Monday, 26 June 2023

  • 22:3023:15 GMT  –  Regional transitions and mining as an agent of change: What does good closure look like?

    ICMM manager Dr Emma Gagen will be giving the opening keynote for the Special Symposium on Mine Closure and Post-Mining Transitions on what good mine closure looks like.

  • 23:3023:55 GMT  –  Opening Plenary Session

    CEO Rohitesh Dhawan will be opening the session for the 26th World Mining Congress.

Tuesday, 27 June 2023

  • 05:3005:50 GMT  –  Environmental Sustainability: Global Change Driving the Rise of ESG

    COO Aidan Davy will be speaking on environmental sustainability through the rise of ESG.

  • 05:3007:15 GMT  –  Social Performance in the Global Mining Sector: the State of Play and Emerging Challenges

    Social Performance Director Danielle Martin will be speaking on a panel Session on Social Performance in the Global Mining Sector - the State of Play and Emerging Challenges.


    • Adam Lees, Chief Advisor Indigenous Affairs, Rio Tinto
    • Dario Zegarra, Country Manager, Newmont Peru
    • Marit Kitaw, Interim Director, African Minerals Development Centre
    • Danielle Martin, Social Performance Director, ICMM
    • Tricia Wilhelm, Group Head of Social Performance, Anglo American
  • 06:3007:15 GMT  –  Environmental Sustainability Panel Discussion

    Aidan Davy will be talking at a panel discussion on environmental sustainability in the industry.


    • Tony Hodge, The University of Queensland


    • Melanie Stutsel, Rio Tinto
    • Nalane Moren, First Nations
    • Saleem Ali, International Research
    • Steve D'Esposito, Innovative METS
    • Aidan Davy, ICMM

The ICMM team will be in Brisbane, Australia, for the 26th World Mining Congress, discussing what resourcing tomorrow and creating value for society can look like.

Inaugurated in 1958, the World Mining Congress (WMC) is the leading international forum for the global mining and resources sectors. For the past 60 years WMC has been held triennially across the world. It presents a unique opportunity for international representatives of the world’s leading resource economies to meet, find new partners, discuss challenges, and share research, technologies, and best practice.

Mining and resources have been a tremendous source of wealth and advancement, but with that comes tremendous responsibility.

At the core of everything we do must be our most precious resources – our people and our environment – and the sustainable and responsible practices that both preserve natural ecosystems and contribute to society.

There is potential for enormous future societal benefit for communities around the world, but to achieve this, we must bring the sector together under shared values of People, Environment and Production.

The 26th WMC will be held in Brisbane, Australia, 26 – 29 June 2023, hosted by Australia’s national science agency, the CSIRO, and supported by government, industry, and academia.

Join the ICMM team in the conversation on Resourcing Tomorrow: Creating Value for Society. It will examine the world’s future economic and social dependence on resources, considering issues like environmental sustainability, climate change, digital transformation, disruptive technologies, and our future workforce.

The Congress represents an exceptional opportunity for all organisations seeking engagement with the resources sector. Mining companies, investors, researchers, educators, regulators, suppliers, and operators from around the world will gather in Brisbane to benefit from insights and grow relationships.