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World Circular Economy Forum (WCEF); co-organised by Nordic Innovation and the Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra, with international partners.
30 May 2023– 2 June 2023,
Helsinki, Finland

Tuesday, 30 May 2023

  • 12:1513:30 GMT  –  Mineral supply chains as solution providers for climate and nature

    How can mining and the use of materials become circular and sustainable?

    Decisive action is needed to diversify sustainable material sourcing. Much work remains to identify how and where circular solutions can best be integrated at mine sites and along mineral supply chains. The session illuminates the key aspects of circularity in mining and shares learnings from real-world projects from across the globe.


    • Laura Barreto, Co-Director, Materials Efficiency Research Group (MERG)
    • Ben Davies, Lead: Circular Economy and Materials Stewardship, Anglo Amercian
    • Juha Erkkilä, VP Sustainability, Outokumpu
    • Karen Hanghøj, Director, British Geological Survey
    • Kristin Hughes, Director, Resource Circularity, World Economic Forum (WEF)
    • Christian Spano, Director, Innovation, ICMM


    Helsinki, Finland

Thursday, 1 June 2023

  • 12:0014:00 GMT  –  WCEF2023 Accelerator Session: "Collaborative Strategies for Circular Minerals Sourcing to Accelerate a Low-Carbon Energy Future". Led by Nordic Innovation, ICMM, Smart Prosperity, Materials Efficiency Research Group

    To decarbonise our energy systems, we must circularise the supply of critical minerals while investing in responsible extraction. What collaborative strategies are required to meet the scale of change required? How can strategic alignment and collaboration across and along value chains be achieved?

    As industry pursues decarbonization, reduced waste, and social equity, circular approaches unlock new strategies, levers, business models/revenue flows, and technologies. The session will seek to identify how collaborative efforts among different stakeholders can move the industry forward - beyond incremental efficiency gains. Practitioners throughout mineral value chains, from the mining industry to manufacturers, investors, policy makers, and civil society actors, will be invited to share their strategic priorities and solutions in pursuit of sustainable innovation.


    Hybrid: Online link TBC

Friday, 2 June 2023

  • 06:3008:30 GMT  –  WCEF2023 Accelerator Session: "Imagining the metals value chains of the future". Led by ICMM, Circle Economy, Columbia Center for Sustainable Investment (CCSI)

    What are the greatest opportunities for collaboration to ensure circularity in the supply of metals and minerals? This workshop will bring together stakeholders from across metals value chains and outside to develop creative solutions to the supply of these key materials.  

    The energy transition is built on metals, with many low carbon technologies needing vast quantities of metals and minerals. All parts of metals value chains need to collaborate to ensure that these value chains are as circular as possible, from mining and refining, to use and reuse. In this highly interactive workshop, we will focus on a number of key value chains to develop, test and reimagine opportunities. The session will bring together those working within metals value chains, including miners and users of metals such as automotive and technology companies, with a broader set of stakeholders including circular economy thought leaders, policy makers, investors and those from other industries to ensure that we are not siloed in our thinking. The session will contribute directly to work being carried out by ICMM and Circle Economy, to be released in 2024.

Join the ICMM team at the World Circular Economy Forum 2023, talking with forward-looking thinkers and doers and presenting besides circular economy game-changers

The World Circular Economy Forum creates a new economy, businesses and jobs, leveraging circular solutions to solve the planetary crisis. The Forum brings together over 4,000 business leaders, policymakers and experts from around the world to present the world’s best circular economy solutions. WCEF examines how businesses can seize new opportunities and gain a competitive advantage through circular economy solutions, and how the circular economy contributes to achieving the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Join the ICMM team at this global initiative where truly competitive solutions are born when business and the environment go hand in hand. We will be speaking at and hosting sessions and workshops with other leaders and partners on how we can lead the way in the transition to a fair and competitive carbon-neutral circular economy.