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Mines and Money @ Resourcing Tomorrow

Mines and Money @ Resourcing Tomorrow
28 November 2023– 30 November 2023,
London, U.K.

Tuesday, 28 November 2023

  • 14:0515:00 GMT  –  Keynote Panel: Nature Positive Mining – Can You Extract Resources but Also be a Defender of the Natural Environment?

    “It's very hard to make a hole in the ground nature-positive,” Rohitesh Dhawan, CEO of CMM, says. “When you're making a hole in the ground, you're going to disturb nature.” “Less than 0.1%” of the world’s total landmass. Compare that to agriculture, at “somewhere close to 50%”, relatively speaking, the industry’s planetary footprint is a “small portion” of the whole. “For all the metals and minerals, we produce, it’s remarkable how little of the world's land we disturb,” Dhawan says. “But – and it's a big ‘but’ – often where we mine happens in areas where nature is very sensitive to change.”

    Issues discussed include:

    • Reviewing successful rehabilitation efforts to offset damage in one area with investments in another

    • What can be done at the small-scale/artisanal mining end?

    • How can nature positive narrative be communicated with shareholders to avoid it being perceived as an oxymoron? Are some ecosystems so fragile that they can never be returned to their former state?

    • Incorporating the impact on local communities into the planning

    • Reviewing the TNFD (Taskforce for Natural Financial Disclosures). What standards and regulations are in place? Are any further required?

    • Why should this matter to investors?



    • SRK Consulting


    • Philipa Varris, Head of Sustainability, Horizonte Minerals
    • Matthew Fifield, Managing Partner, Pacific Road Capital
    • Francis Vorhies, Conservation Economist and Founding Director, Earthmind
    • Hayley Zipp, Environment Director, ICMM


  • 15:4016:40 GMT  –  Keynote Panel: Tailings, Safety and Mining’s ‘Zero Harm’ Approach: Where Are We with the GISTM (Global Industry Standard on Tailings Management)? Are People and Communities Being Prioritised, and What Frameworks Are in Place to Assure Transparency?

    Issues discussed include:

    • What solutions are there to make mine rehabilitation economic?
    • Evaluating some of the tailings management business models being introduced?
    • What is the role of engineering design and innovation?
    • What innovations do we see in tailings processing?
    • Using low-cost dry tailings disposal to limit water loss
    • What further partnerships and collaboration opportunities are being developed to improve tailings management?



    • Professor Patrick Foster, Director and Associate Professor in Mine Safety, Camborne School of Mines


    • Andre Gagnon, Director, Tailings Management, Technical Services, Lundin Mining

    • Richard Elmer, Director, Knight Piésold 

    • Megan Allison, Group Environment and Sustainability Manager, Central Asia Metals 

    • Aidan Davy, COO, ICMM


Thursday, 30 November 2023

  • 09:1010:00 GMT  –  Keynote Panel: Trust Is the Most Precious of All Commodities – How Can It Be Built Throughout the Entire Mining Value Chain? 

    Trust is the one commodity that can’t be mined but is critical to the growth of the mining industry. Yet, in many surveys, mining comes bottom when compared to other verticals when it comes to trust. What can we do to address the trust deficit? Issues discussed include: • Understanding is not trust – what is the public’s understanding of the mining industry, and what practical steps can be taken to address misconceptions

    • Concrete examples of where trust was gained and lost; what were the bottom line/revenue benefits?
    • Building the ‘triangle of trust’ between governments, miners and investors • Innovation happens at the speed of trust. The need for trust between competitors and the importance of co-creation
    • Communicating better with shareholders. Building a better narrative
    • Why are some sectors, banking, for example, given a free pass when it comes to trust, but mining isn’t?



    • Fiorella Rivera, Partner Latin America, Embellie Advisory


    • Alison Atkinson, Group Director – Projects & Development, Anglo American

    • Elaine Dorward-King, Non-Executive Director, Sibanye Stillwater at Kenmare Resources and NovaGold

    • Adam Matthews, Chief Responsible Investment Officer, Church of England Pensions Board, Chair Transition Pathway Initiative

    • Carl Weatherell, Executive Directors and Chief Executive Officer, CMIC

    • Rohitesh Dhawan, President & CEO, ICMM


  • 11:3012:30 GMT  –  Keynote Panel: Securing mining’s future workforce: Taking action today for a better tomorrow

    Some reports predict that as much as 50% of the mining workforce will be retired by 2029. Where will the future supply of talent come from? Issues discussed include:

    • How can the mining industry appeal better to graduate employees?
    • Diversifying into other industries to increase the pool of talent
    • How can the mining industry attract more diversity?
    • How does the mining industry rate as a sector as an appealing place to work compared with other sectors? Where is it succeeding? Where is it falling short? The importance of mentorshi



    • Rowan Phendler, Director ‑ Natural Resources, Cripps Leadership Advise


    • Sonia Scarselli, Vice President BHP Xplor Program, BHP

    • Mark Cutifani, Head of Base Metals, Vale

    • Ross R Bhappu, Partner, Head of Private Equity Mature Funds, Resource Capital Funds

    • Lisa Ali, Chief People Officer, Anglo Gold Ashanti

    • Rohitesh Dhawan, President & CEO, ICMM


The ICMM team will be at Mines and Money @ Resourcing Tomorrow discussing such topics as nature positive in mining, tailings safety, and trust in the industry. 

Mines and Money is the leading international event series connecting sophisticated investors from around the world with mining company management teams online and in person. 

This year, Mines and Money will take advantage of Europe's largest and most in-depth mining and energy event, Resourcing Tomorrow and bring its unrivalled network of thousands of investors in-person to London on 28 - 30 November.

There will be Mining Spotlights, a popular and renowned Mines and Money event feature which details up-to-the-minute information on select exploration and development companies' current activities and investment potential. The Mining Spotlights continue to be of strong interest to investors, highlighting the scope of commodities and stage of development represented at the event. In addition, there will be Mining Pitch Battles - a chance for miners to pitch their project and go head-to-head in front of a panel of expert investors. 

Mines and Money @ Resourcing Tomorrow presents an unparalleled opportunity to network with an array of qualified and vetted investors, junior, mid-tier and major mining and energy companies, educators, innovators, government officials, and more. 

With over 2,000 attendees, this is the perfect chance to engage with the mining industry's biggest players and explore new investment opportunities.