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The Peruvian Institute of Mining Engineers (IIMP)
25 September 2023– 29 September 2023,
Arequipa, Peru

Through PERUMIN, we create spaces for analysis and debate on the role that the mining industry is currently playing within the context of the economic and social crisis caused by the pandemic and in support of a long-term vision of sustainable development.

PERUMIN offers an open and inclusive dialogue that involves diverse leaders and society representatives, uniting over 60,000 participants in this conversation.

As part of PERUMIN's agenda of discussions on challenges for the mining industry, its development, and the importance of sustainable growth Marcus Addy will be speaking on a panel on ICMM’s Human Rights Due Diligence Guidance. It will be an opportunity to find out how companies can use the Guidance’s tools to support and strengthen their existing risk management processes and how to better integrate these approaches in a way that is consistent with the UNGPs.