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MOVE 2023: Mobility Reimagined

Is circularity in mining the key to meeting demand for EV materials?
MOVE 2023
21 June 2023, 13:10 – 14:10 GMT
London, U.K.

Bryony Clear Hill will be speaking on circularity in mining and whether it is the key to meeting demand for EV materials as the EV revolution takes hold and the demand for metals skyrockets.

MOVE is a specialised and focused event dedicated to mobility, not an add on to a tech or electronics show. Mobility is changing at an explosive rate – now is the time to attend MOVE and be a part of that change.

The MOVE 2023 conference is a premium event that gives access to over a thousand speakers from across the mobility spectrum. You can network with thousands of global leaders in mobility and be inspired by the greatest minds of tomorrow. 

Join Standards, Reporting and Circular Economy Manager Bryony Clear Hill to discuss what circularity in mining looks like and how we can meet growing metal demand for an 'EV revolution'.

This stream covers the innovative and sustainable mining and extraction methods that are keeping the energy transition green from the tailpipe to the mine.