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LIAMforum 2023

Mining Reimagined
4 October 2023, 18:40 – 20:00 GMT

ICMM's COO Aidan Davy will be speaking at the LIAMforum on how the industry can facilitate the green transition through the demand for critical minerals on his panel 'Mining Reimagined'.

LIAMforum is a meeting place for thought leaders involved in sustainable resource development, with a focus on inspiring and empowering the next generation to get involved and take actionable, results-oriented steps to help tackle key sustainable resource development challenges facing the world.

LIAMforum provides a platform for young people to discuss their ideas, vision and role in tackling the challenges we face today. A platform for thought leaders and participants from academia, industry, think tanks, multi-lateral institutions and governments, to share their ideas and concerns with, and listen to, the next generation. LIAMforum aims to help close the gap between the disengaged and the engaged.

Aidan Davy will be speaking on a session titled ‘Mining Reimagined’ at this online conference focused on connecting young people with Sustainable Resource Development. He will be discussing how the industry can responsibly facilitate the green transition through the demand for critical minerals. Over 120 speakers will participate in 28 sessions covering topics such as AI, regeneration & biodiversity, critical minerals, the circular economy, and ocean, water, and forestry.