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FT Mining Summit 2023

Biodiversity and Nature: Risk and Opportunity in the Mining Sector
FT Mining Summit
5 October 2023, 14:30 – 15:10 GMT
London, UK, and virtual

Join ICMM CEO Rohitesh Dhawan who will be speaking at the FT Mining on Summit, giving opening remarks and on a panel discussion on 'Biodiversity and Nature: Risk and Opportunity in the Mining Sector'. 

At a time of tense geopolitics, efforts to move production and processing closer to home are reshaping global supply chains, and “mineral security” is becoming a key concern. Investment in the mining industry is critical for the world to produce the vast quantities of minerals and metals needed for the energy transition. As the uncertain global economic outlook presents challenges, how will the industry work to realign production and distribution to fit the new macro environment?

Join Rohitesh in the panel discussion on biodiversity and nature, discussing how mining companies are stewards of great swathes of land – managing not only their mine sites, but also the areas around it. As global concern grows over the degradation of nature and loss of biodiversity, the industry has increased its efforts to be nature positive and contribute to biodiversity. 

  • Where are the opportunities to minimise negative impacts by strengthening biodiversity practices?

  • What are the benefits of biodiversity-sensitive best practices and performance-driven metrics for biodiversity? 

  • What role can biodiversity offsets play in mitigating the negative impacts of mining on the environment?


The FT Mining Summit, part of the highly regarded FT Commodities series, will continue to set the agenda for the industry by attracting leading companies and stakeholders to debate the issues that matter most. Register now to ensure you’re in the room with the most influential players in the mining community.

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