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FT Future of the Car Summit 2023

9 March 2023
Can automakers ‘shockproof’ their Supply Chains?
Financial Times
9 May 2023, 16:25 – 17:05 GMT
London, United Kingdom

Join ICMM CEO Rohitesh Dhawan for an interesting discussion at the Financial Times Future of the Car Summit on whether automakers can 'shock proof' their supply chains. 

FT Future of the Car Summit will be providing a unique opportunity to mix with your peers, at one of the most important events in the FT Live calendar.

You will be able to enjoy keynotes, panel discussions and interviews, all under the auspicious moderation of renowned FT Journalists. The agenda will focus on the next general software-defined car, batteries: innovating to bring the price down, tackling the automotive supply-chain crisis, mobility in the meta-verse and answer what’s next for autonomous vehicles and the Net Zero Car.

Join Rohitesh Dhawan to take part in the conversation with the automotive industry’s leaders sharing insights, knowledge and plans for the crucial period ahead. 

(Timings showing in current timezone (GMT) and will adjust to BST)