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Rohitesh Dhawan will be giving a keynote at EXPOCOBRE 2023 on the importance of copper towards the energy transition

EXPOCOBRE 2023 is a mega event, which will be held for the first time in Peru. It is organised by InterMet, a leading company that assumes this world class initiative with a future projection of holding it biennially. .

The event will gather national and international bodies including CEOS, Managers, Mining Executives, Government Officials, Regulatory Bodies, Public and Private Institutions, Academia, Technology and Service Providers, Investors and Professionals from all mining sectors. The event will be carried out with a series of master conferences, technical meetings, a mining-commercial fair and a series of social activities, with the presence and face-to-face participation of experts and outstanding national and international professionals.

Set in Peru, "the Second Copper Producer worldwide", and with this years theme being sustainable development, the event presents a distinct opportunity towards exploring what modern, sustainable and inclusive mining, with a technological and competitive future looks like in a safe and responsible world. Listen to CEO Rohitesh Dhawan's keynote exploring this and the importance of copper towards the energy transition.