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4th OECD Meeting of Mining Regions and Cities

Attractiveness (DEI & Skills)
22 June 2023, 07:45 – 08:45 GMT
Karratha, Western Australia

Senior Manager Amber Rowntree will be speaking at the 4th OECD Meeting of Mining Regions and Cities about diversity in the mining industry and what the industry can do to attract more women and youth. 

The OECD Mining Cities and Regions initiatives aims to develop recommendations for improving regional development outcomes for regions and cities specialised in mining and extractive industries.

Diversification and green value chains:

Economic diversification is important to ensure that mining regions develop economic resilience, over the long run, against economic shocks. The green transition can help with diversification efforts by contributing to the emergence of new business opportunities for the local economy, for example from circular practices in the mining value chain, as well as by providing new ways of involving the different community stakeholders in regional development.

Liveable and sustainable mining communities:

Greater liveability in mining communities should be aligned with a more sustainable use of resources, along with the delivery of quality services and infrastructure, helping to improve regional attractiveness for people and business. Collaboration with the private sector, for example through better ESG practices, would be a cornerstone to this end.

Join Amber Rowntree to discuss diversified and liveable mining regions in the context of the green transition and how mining regions and cities can attract more women and youth.