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26 September 2022
ICMM ESG Standards
Institute of Mining Engineers of Peru (IIMP)
27 September 2022, 22:50 GMT
Arequipa, Peru

Full schedule to be updated

Our ICMM team will be participating in PERUMIN discussing ICMM and industry efforts towards water management, climate change, and mining. 

Through PERUMIN, we create spaces for analysis and debate on the role that the mining industry is currently playing within the context of the economic and social crisis caused by the pandemic and in support of a long-term vision of sustainable development.

PERUMIN offers an open and inclusive dialogue that involves diverse leaders and society representatives, uniting over 60,000 participants in this conversation.

ICMM's team will be discussing ESG standards within the industry as well as industry efforts towards water mangement and climate change. 


  • Rohitesh Dhawan, ICMM
  • Amparo Cornejo, Teck Resources Ltd.
  • Irma Potes, Southern Copper - Grupo Mexico
  • Layla Ellis, BHP
  • Marita Chappuis, Independent Consultant