Resources for reducing operational GHG emissions

ICMM members recognise that they have a responsibility to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. We advocate an approach to policy and action that will ensure the mining and metals industry plays its full part in contributing to climate action and sustainable development, while remaining competitive in a low carbon economy. We have available a series of resources to support mining and metals operators in reducing their emissions, and for policymakers in considering what a globally effective carbon regime could look like.

The cost of carbon pricing: competitiveness implications for the mining and metals industry (2013)

This report assesses how best to develop carbon pricing policies that achieve a transition to a low carbon economy without compromising the ability of national industries to compete internationally.

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Options in recycling revenues generated through carbon pricing (2013)

This report examines how different regulatory authorities (representing regional and national governments) are managing their carbon revenues.

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Principles for Climate Change Policy Design (2011)

The principles offer a framework and approach for developing and implementing policy in different jurisdictions around the world. The principles should be regarded as an integrated set; all of them required in developing appropriate national policies and measures.

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The role of mining and metals in land use and adaptation (2011)

Emissions from land use, land-use change and forestry represent a major portion of global emissions. This paper looks at the many opportunities to reduce land-use impacts and associated emissions from the mining cycle.

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Fugitive methane emissions in coal mining (2011)

This paper outlines specific challenges in regulating unintended or fugitive methane emissions from coal mines.

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Measurement, reporting and verification and the mining and metals industry (2011)

This paper is intended to contribute to the development of a consistent approach to measurement, reporting and verification that draws on existing regimes.

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Competitiveness implications for mining and metals (2011)

Different policies in different countries give rise to variation in carbon prices. This paper begins to explore the impacts this may have on the mining and metals industry – based on production and investment characteristics.