Reducing greenhouse gas emissions

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ICMM supports greater use of renewable energy and other cost effective low-emission technologies, and improved efficiency, including in member company operations.

Approximately half of mining and metals industry emissions are Scope 1; from use of fuel in mining and processing operations and from fugitive methane (CH4) emissions at coal mines. The other half is Scope 2; from use of electricity, primarily in refining and smelting operations.

Implementation of cost effective energy efficiency has the dual benefit of reducing operational greenhouse gas emissions while improving productivity and reducing costs.

ICMM member companies are already taking voluntary actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by:

  1. Developing greenhouse gas emission reduction strategies (eg carbon reduction cost curve assessments, energy efficiency studies) and implementing economic emissions reductions opportunities.
  2. Ensuring efficient use of natural resources.
  3. Supporting research and development of low greenhouse gas emission technologies that are appropriate to the industry.
  4. Measuring progress and reporting results.