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Annual Report, 2017

15 March 2018

For centuries, society's advancement has been driven by metals and mining. From the Bronze Age to the Information Age, the products of mining have been essential to improving people’s quality of life and powering economic growth.

As we’ve advanced, society’s focus is increasingly on ensuring that mineral resources are extracted in a way that also minimizes impacts on the environment, protects the safety of workers, and maximizes benefits for communities. In short, how we mine is becoming just as important as what we mine.

That’s where ICMM comes in. As the global voice for the mining industry, ICMM brings together leaders from 25 of the world’s largest mining and metals companies with the shared goal of improving performance across the industry. We work collaboratively to engage with stakeholders and bring about lasting benefits for society.

In 2017, ICMM and its members continued to make progress in addressing the sustainability challenges and opportunities created by evolving societal expectations. The announcement of our new Water Stewardship Position Statement puts our members in a leadership position on using this important resource more efficiently, being more transparent in how water is managed, and working with our neighbours and other partners to ensure water is shared fairly. As part of this focus, ICMM also worked through the year to help turn policy into practical action on the ground by convening a series of workshops for members on water management, community relations, mine closure and safety.

ICMM is also driving improvements in technology to support safety and environmental performance by convening leading mobile equipment manufacturers to improve collision avoidance technology and reduce diesel particulate and emissions. This work will continue in 2018 on developing a framework for collaboration on these issues.

In addition to driving continual improvement in sustainability performance, we also know that we need to better communicate the positive work of ICMM members and the important role of mining and metals in society. That is why in 2017 we launched Mining with Principles. The goal of Mining with Principles is to spark a conversation with society about the responsible production of the minerals and metals that go into the products people use every day, as well as raise awareness of our members’ contribution to improving people’s lives where they operate.

Building on the success of Mining with Principles will be a key focus for ICMM through 2018. As the global voice of mining and metals, ICMM is uniquely positioned to engage with society about how – when done responsibly – our industry has incredible capacity to improve lives, strengthen communities and help solve global challenges.

Donald R. Lindsay
Chair, ICMM
President and Chief Executive Officer, Teck