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Annual Report, 2005

12 May 2006

In 2005, ICMM, the International Council on Mining and Metals, worked together with a diverse set of related parties, including governments, labour organizations, financial institutions and non-governmental organizations (NGOs). This engagement led to real progress in our mission to contribute to sustainable development on a global scale.

Following a multi-stakeholder process to develop indicators for the mining and metals sector, the year began with ICMM’s corporate members committing to report in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) framework.

In addition, the results of many years’ groundwork came to fruition as significant projects were completed. The Community Development Toolkit – a major success – involved the World Bank, ESMAP and numerous individual specialists.

Also published in November 2005 was Good Practice in Emergency Preparedness and Response, a report produced in collaboration with UNEP as a companion to its APELL for Mining (2001).

The Mining and Indigenous Peoples Issues Review, published in May 2005, had to be reprinted to satisfy high demand, and the November Roundtable on Mining and Indigenous Peoples Issues marked a noteworthy development in our relationship with IUCN – the World Conservation Union.

Another major achievement was confirmation that our industry can make a significant contribution to economic growth in developing countries. The Challenge of Mineral Wealth study, commissioned by ICMM, the World Bank and UNCTAD as part of the Resource Endowment initiative, demonstrated that with the right government support, mining investments stimulate growth and lead to real social and economic benefit for national and local communities.

On the organizational front, the fully restructured Council met for the first time in October. The smaller, streamlined Council now comprises the chief executives of ICMM’s 15 corporate members, together with two association representatives and the chair of our Executive Working Group (EWG). ICMM is a model industry organization with the close personal involvement of the leaders of its member organizations.

Another measure of our success was that Business in the Community (an independent business-led charity) named BHP Billiton as Company of the Year and praised Anglo American for its HIV/AIDS programs.

Around the world, ICMM was in dialogue with those who are helping to shape our industry for the coming years. We kept in close touch with the people and organizations making a difference in the field of mining and metals. And that dialogue, in itself, made a big difference.

The many activities in 2005 which this report highlights support our contention that ICMM is about making progress on improved industry performance. We are working hard to address the challenges facing the industry and provide practical tools to deliver results both for our members and the communities in which they operate.

Wayne Murdy
Chair, ICMM
Chairman and CEO, Newmont Mining

Paul Mitchell
Secretary General, ICMM