Hafren Williams

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Hafren leads ICMM’s responsible sourcing and biodiversity and ecosystems projects. She is also part of ICMM's closure and performance expectations teams. Since joining ICMM in April 2015 she has also worked on climate change, water and on inclusively realising the economic opportunities of mining.

Prior to joining ICMM, Hafren worked for seven years in international development and neighbourhood regeneration including two years managing women’s education and multi-stakeholder livelihoods projects in Cameroon. Her past responsibilities have included commodity supply chain research, teaching and facilitation, community engagement and development, civil society stakeholder network creation and coordination.  

Hafren holds a degree in Social and Political Science awarded by Cambridge University and an MSc in Environment and Development at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE). Her thesis was on landscape approaches to forest protection in supply chain commodity production.

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