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Our members

Bringing together mining and metals company members and national, regional and commodity association members for a truly global reach.

Our members recognise that they have a responsibility to promote and support sustainable development wherever they work by proactively engaging with communities to build strong relationships based on trust and respect: minimising negative impacts and maximising benefits. All company members are represented on our Council of CEOs (our highest decision-making body) and on our Principal Liaisons Committee – alongside two nominated representatives from our association members. This maximises opportunities for collaboration among mining and metals industry leaders.

Focus areas

Company members

Through their commitments, ICMM company members are supporting a safer and more sustainable industry.

Association members

Sharing good practice guidance beyond company members to the wider industry.

Member Admission Process

ICMM's 'Member Admission Process' offers a consistent, rigorous and independently verified assessment of a prospective member company’s performance against the obligations of existing members.