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ICMM issues statement on climate change

21 October 2015

Tom Butler, CEO of ICMM, has written to Christiana Figueres, Executive Secretary of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change to offer support for an international climate change agreement. The letter included the following statement on climate change, endorsed by the CEOs of the 23 ICMM member companies which collaborate to promote responsible mining. 

ICMM Statement on Climate Change

Climate change is an undeniable and critical global challenge, and its causes must be addressed by all parts of society. ICMM member companies are committed to being part of the solution.

We support an effective binding global agreement on climate change. 

We support a price on carbon, and other market mechanisms that drive reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and incentivise innovation.

We recognise the need to reduce emissions from the use of coal, and support collaborative approaches to accelerate the use of low-emission coal technologies as part of a measured transition to a lower-emissions energy mix. That transition should recognise the importance of coal in the global economy, and particularly in the developing world.

We support greater use of renewable energy and other cost effective low-emission technologies, and improved energy efficiency, including in our own operations.

We will help our host communities, and equip our operations, to adapt to the physical impact of climate change.

We will continue to ensure that climate change is a part of our planning process.

We will engage with our peers, governments and society to share solutions and develop effective climate change policy.


The International Council on Mining and Metals is an organisation of leading mining and metals companies that collaborate to promote responsible mining, with a shared commitment to people and the environment. 

The industry contributes to the building of a lower carbon economy through the provision of the metals and minerals used in products from fuel cells and photovoltaic panels to wind turbines and insulating materials. Together with these opportunities, we commit to playing an active role in addressing the causes and impacts of climate change. 

ICMM has had a public position on climate change since 2006, updated in 2009 and most recently in 2011. The various positions from which this statement is drawn can be found at www.icmm.com

Download the ICMM Statement on Climate Change (PDF).


For further information please contact:

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