Minerals taxation regimes - report published with the Commonwealth Secretariat

The new report considers how the way in which revenue is generated can affect the process of translating mineral wealth into socio-economic development. In designing a minerals fiscal regime, governments face significant trade-offs between various objectives and also need to take account of a combination of economic, socio-political and institutional factors.

The study complements previous work for ICMM’s Resource Endowment initiative by reviewing current and past thinking on mining taxation. Work to date has emphasized macroeconomic and governance challenges and pointed out that the links between natural resource extraction and development are neither automatic nor direct. The revenue accruing to governments from taxing the sector is a key component of its potential contribution to development.

An independent advisory group comprising tax experts from the public and private sectors was responsible for ensuring a balanced and objective report.

The study is published in collaboration with the Commonwealth Secretariat, which will be hosting a formal launch a high-level event at Marlborough House, London, on 28 April 2009. 

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