ICMM publishes Guidance on HIV/AIDS, TB and Malaria

ICMM’s Good Practice Guidance on HIV/AIDS, TB and Malaria, which is aimed at managers and health practitioners, provides practical information for disease management.

The Guidance stresses the need for an integrated approach to the three diseases, and highlights the new links between them emerging in recent research. It also highlights the need for collaboration between mining and metals companies, communities, and local and international institutions and organizations.

A systematic management process is described, comprising nine generic steps to determine the type and level of intervention required for HIV/AIDS, TB and malaria – culminating, where appropriate, in the implementation of a health program with associated monitoring and evaluation.

The Guidance strongly recommends an integrated, community-based approach to health care and disease management, and it provides valuable insights into improving the effectiveness of implementation – and the sustainability of results – through working with external partners including funders, contractors, service providers and suppliers.

ICMM Principles

Principle 5
Seek continual improvement of our health and safety performance.
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