Sustainable Development Framework

All ICMM members are required to implement the Sustainable Development Framework. This includes integrating a set of 10 principles and six supporting position statements into corporate policy, as well as setting up transparent and accountable reporting practices.

The framework emerged out of the Mining, Minerals, and Sustainable Development project – a two-year consultation process with stakeholders to identify key issues relating to mining and sustainable development – and has been developed continuously since.

ICMM conducts an annual assessment of the progress that each member company is making against these performance commitments. The resulting annual member performance assessment is published in ICMM’s Annual Review.

SDF Diagram

10 principles for sustainable development, which company members are required to implement. Read more

Company members are committed to report their performance against the 10 principles in accordance with GRI guidelines. Read more

Providing third-party verification that companies are meeting their commitments to the 10 principles. Read more

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