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The 2014 stakeholder perception study: tracking progress (following previous surveys in 2004, 2007 and 2010) was conducted by GlobeScan on behalf of ICMM between October and November 2014. Over 1,200 respondents in 113 countries participated in the survey, drawn from the private sector, public sector, institutions, academia, non-governmental organizations and the media.

The objectives of this study are to enable ICMM to:

  • understand and assess perceptions of ICMM and its mandate among its key stakeholders
  • explore the latest perspectives on current and future opportunities and challenges facing the mining industry
  • measure success or failure of both the organisation and its members in achieving continuous improvements in sustainable development
  • track results against 2010, and 2007 survey results
  • identify new opportunities and methods for ICMM to achieve its mandate.