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Continuous improvement

Achieving excellence in social performance requires companies to demonstrate strong leadership, have integrated management systems, and build the capability and culture to continually improve the management of social risks, impacts and benefits.

Social performance management systems need to be integrated into business and decision-making processes. Appropriate financial and human resources should be allocated to social performance.

The whole company contributes to the social performance of the business, and effective social performance delivers value to the business. Continuous improvement in social performance means integrating practices into business-as-usual, monitoring the efficacy of management systems and the outcomes they achieve, and building the capabilities and capacity of people working right across a mining operation to understand their contribution to social performance.

ICMM members commit to integrate sustainable development in corporate strategy and decision-making processes – this includes social performance aspects (Principle 2) and specifically to pursue continuous improvement in social performance (Principle 9).

Focus areas

Engage corporate stakeholders transparently

ICMM company members commit to identifying and engaging with key corporate-level external stakeholders on sustainable development issues in an open and transparent manner.

Local stakeholder engagement

ICMM company members commit to undertake meaningful stakeholder engagement and ensure access to effective grievance mechanisms.

Stakeholder engagement

Engaging key stakeholders on sustainable development challenges and opportunities in an open and transparent manner, effectively reporting and independently verifying progress and performance.

Community development and planning

The mining and metals industry can play an important role in community development by influencing positive change in areas that may have less opportunity for economic and social development.

Building capabilities and capacity

Building capabilities and capacities is critical to continuous improvement in social performance.

Managing complaints and grievances

ICMM members commit to providing local stakeholders access to effective grievance mechanisms.

ICMM's Mining Principles

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