Responsible mining in Peru

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This report updates the analysis in the ICMM Peru country case study conducted in 2005-2006, endorsed by the Peruvian Government in 2006 and published in 2007. It has two purposes: to present a general assessment of the industry during the last five years and to strengthen understanding and collaborative capacity to enhance mining's contribution to Peruvian society.

This report has been compiled to inform the analytical first phase of collaboration between ICMM (together with the Socieded Nacional de Minería, Petróleo y Energía (SNMPE) and ICMM companies that have operations in Peru), the World Economic Forum and the Inter-American Development Bank to build a responsible mining platform for action in Peru. This platform seeks to support the delivery of broadbased public objectives around widening access to economic opportunities, and public goods and basic services.

The study was informed by a series of interviews with a broad range of stakeholders conducted during a visit to Peru in October-November 2012. The objectives and the background to this work are summarized in Section 1. Section 2 provides a high-level summary of the observations collected and the analysis conducted during and after the country visit (these are further detailed and substantiated in Annex A). Section 3 identifies preliminary suggestions for the industry's next steps in the responsible mining platform for action collaboration.

Download the Spanish version of the report here.

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