Mining in Ghana - What future can we expect?

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ICMM and the Ghana Chamber of Mines have released a new report on the socioeconomic contributions of mining in Ghana and ways these might be enhanced. The report undertaken by Steward Redqueen and the African Center for Economic Transformation estimates the socioeconomic impact of the large-scale gold mining sector in Ghana from 2010 to 2022.

The report does this by presenting the findings of applying the life cycle model (Module six) of ICMM’s Mining's Partnership for Development Toolkit to Ghana. This is a follow-up report to the Ghana country case study (ICMM 2007).

The report is presented in four sections:

Section 1: Ghana’s economy and the role of mining

Section 2: Macroeconomic life cycle contributions of mining

Section 3: Local views

Section 4: Emerging priorities for action.

The report identifies that the sample of seven mines included in the study are projected to:

The study also identifies five priority areas for action by relevant stakeholders in Ghana including:

Other focus areas