ICMM Assurance Procedure

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The Assurance Procedure outlines ICMM's members' commitment to obtain independent external assurance of their sustainability performance.

This includes their implementation of the 10 ICMM Principles and public reporting of performance in line with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) guidelines and their Mining and Metals Sector Supplement (MMSS).

Obtaining assurance helps generate trust in the reports released by member companies describing how their sustainability commitments are being implemented.

The procedure takes into account recent developments in the external reporting and assurance environment, and in particular the May 2008 commitment of ICMM members to report in accordance with the G3 Guidelines.  The Assurance Procedure has also been designed to be compatible with member companies' assurance of their own sustainability reports: in practice, most members are likely to assure their sustainability reports and any ICMM-specific assurance requirements in an integrated manner.

The ICMM Assurance Procedure must be implemented by all ICMM members in relation to their sustainability reports for the financial year ending December 2009 or March 2010.

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