Options in recycling revenues generated through carbon pricing

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Options in recycling revenues generated through carbon pricing is one in a series of three reports that describe our recent work in those respective areas. The other publications look at responding to the risks associated with the physical impacts of climate change and impacts of carbon prices on the competitiveness of commodities in four regions.

ICMM's second principle for climate change policy design states that climate change-related revenues should be used to manage a transition to a low carbon future. Specifically, they should be used to support the development of climate-friendly technologies and to help exposed economic sectors and populations adjust to the costs associated with a carbon limited future.

This report examines how 16 regulatory authorities (representing regional and national governments) are managing their carbon revenues. As far as we are aware, this is the most comprehensive review of current revenue recycling activities that has been published. It is our hope that this analysis will help to inform the public policy debate around this critical issue.

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