Bringing suppliers together to improve safety, and tackle climate change

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ICMM recently  hosted a meeting with our member companies and their  suppliers to look at how we could work together to tackle key challenges that are facing the sector.

On most mining sites, mobile equipment is used that runs on diesel fuel. Diesel exhaust emits small particles called diesel particulate matter (DPM) which if inhaled can lead to lung diseases and cancers. Diesel is also a fossil fuel so it contributes to global warming by releasing carbon dioxide (CO2) into the atmosphere when burnt. ICMM fully supports the Paris Agreement and is committed to taking action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the fight against climate change.

Despite continued efforts to improve health and safety conditions at mining sites, accidents involving trucks and mobile mining equipment were the second highest cause of operational fatalities recorded by ICMM member companies in 2016 when 11 people died. ICMM and its members are committed to reducing fatalities to zero.

These challenges, which are all associated with the use of mobile equipment, was the focus of an innovation summit was held with our member companies and their original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to:

Over 50 people attended the Summit from around the world, with representatives from 16 of the 25 ICMM members and also from nine equipment suppliers and industry associations. The two-day event demonstrated that there is a strong appetite for mining companies and OEMs to work  together to address these issues through working together. It was recognised that collaboration would act as the catalyst in focusing and accelerating technology innovation to bring health, safety and environmental benefits across the sector. It was agreed that ICMM will coordinate this work and the next innovation summit will be held in London on March 15 and 16, 2018.