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Responsible production

Mining extracts the Earth’s finite resources. It is vital that the industry mines and produces metals responsibly and seeks to ensure that the resources used in the extraction and processing of minerals and metals are used efficiently and sustainably.

To ensure the mining and metals industry contributes to sustainable development, the materials it produces must be safe for the environment and safe for human beings.

ICMM supports industry efforts to ensure the safe and sustainable use of materials. We are helping to develop and promote methods to accurately assess the hazards, risks and environmental impacts of minerals and metals throughout their life cycle.

Focus areas

Contribution of minerals and metals

Metals and minerals are essential to almost all aspects of life, enabling farming, healthcare, communications, water and energy supply, transport and the construction of our cities.

Recover, re-use, recycle

ICMM company members commit to optimising extraction and manufacturing processes, using resources and energy efficiently, while reducing waste.

Assess product hazards

ICMM company members commit to assessing the hazards of the different products of mining and communicating that information to their supply chains as appropriate.

ICMM's Mining Principles

Supporting the Global Goal