Member reporting and performance

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Member companies are required to report annually on their sustainable development performance.

In May 2008, member companies committed to report on their sustainable development performance in line with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) sustainability reporting guidelines. In 2013, member companies reaffirmed their support for GRI by committing to report in accordance with the core option of GRI’s G4 guidelines.

The GRI G4 guidelines are the leading global standard in sustainability reporting. They are applicable to organisations of any size, type, sector or geographic region, and have been used by thousands of organisations worldwide. GRI reporting promotes transparency and accountability in sustainability performance.

The GRI framework includes guidelines or protocols on how to report against specific indicators. ICMM members are committed to reporting against the G4 Mining and Metals sector disclosures.

ICMM member companies are also required to obtain annual third-party assurance of their sustainability performance.

ICMM members' performance 2017