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Health and safety

Responsible mining companies are committed to the health and safety of workers and their families, local communities and wider society.

Health and safety has to be at the heart of all operations and processes. ICMM and its members share an unwavering commitment to improving health and safety performance, towards a goal of zero harm, with the priority of eliminating fatalities in the industry.

Mining presents various hazards that can be of significant consequence, but through effective risk management strategies neither safety incidents nor the onset of occupational diseases should happen.

People have a right to go home safe and healthy to their families and their communities at the end of every day.

Focus areas


Advancing progress on work-related diseases, because people are not only employees, they are also members of families and communities.

Risk management

Mining can have a significant impact on a range of stakeholders and issues, such as workers health, community wellbeing, and cultural and natural heritage.


Advancing progress towards zero fatalities in the mining and metals industry.

ICMM's Mining Principles

Supporting global goals