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Climate change

Climate change is one of the key global challenges of our time. The increasing level of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere is steadily raising the temperature of the land and oceans, which, as a consequence, is increasing the severity and occurrence of extreme weather events and accelerating the melting of the ice caps. Outcomes that have broader social-environmental consequences.

To meet the Paris Agreement climate goal of keeping global warming well below 2C, ICMM company members recognise that they have a responsibility to reduce their emissions by implementing operational level adaptation and mitigation solutions.

Focus areas

Adapting to a changing climate

Our climate is changing, and this presents both risks and opportunities for the mining and metals sector.

Reducing the GHG emissions of mine vehicles

ICMM's Innovation for Cleaner, Safer Vehicles (ICSV) initiative aims to reduce GHG emissions by promoting operational and technological innovation.

Resources for reducing operational GHG emissions

Cost effective energy efficiencies have the dual benefits of reducing operational GHG emissions, while improving productivity and reducing costs.

Climate change policy design

The principles behind ICMM's 'Climate Change Policy Design' anchor our work to develop robust climate regulations that improve environmental performance.

ICMM's Mining Principles

Supporting global goals