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Biodiversity and ecosystems

Biodiversity and ecosystems provide us with life’s essentials (eg nutrients for growing crops, resources such as water and timber, and the ability to absorb waste and carbon dioxide). They also have intangible benefits, eg they may have cultural value or provide space for recreational pursuits.

While metal and mineral production helps to promote social progress, the associated use of land and water resources, and the emissions and waste produced, pose a risk to biodiversity and the ecological resources we depend on and value. ICMM members recognise that they have an important role to play in conserving biodiversity. They commit not to mine in World Heritage Sites and to respect legally protected areas. They also commit to assess risks and impacts to biodiversity and address these by applying the mitigation hierarchy, with the ambition of no net loss.

Focus areas

Apply mitigation hierarchy with ambition of no-net-loss

ICMM company members contribute to halting biodiversity loss. They commit to address risks and impacts to biodiversity by applying the ‘mitigation hierarchy’ with the ambition of no-net-loss.

World Heritage Sites and legally designated protected areas

ICMM company members commit to neither mine nor explore in World Heritage sites and to respect all protected areas through sound biodiversity management.

ICMM's Mining Principles

Supporting global goals