Strategy and Action Plan, 2019–2021

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The International Council on Mining and Metals' three-year strategy and action plan outlines the key themes and areas that underpin our work priorities, and those of our members.

ICMM delivers programmes and activities that address environmental stewardship, the role of mining and metals in society and human wellbeing. By adopting a collaborative approach with our members, and key external stakeholders, we support the mining and metals industry to raise standards and improve performance.

How we work

Leadership through performance

We demonstrate and promote leading environmental and social practices that will encourage better industry wide performance. Company membership at ICMM follows a rigorous admissions process, and commitment to stringent performance expectations and third-party annual reporting. As a CEO-led organisation our company members are able to respond to evolving societal expectations in a meaningful way; most recently on tailings management and water stewardship.

Listen and engage

ICMM listens to society’s views and expectations of the mining and metals industry to better anticipate and respond to emerging issues, and actively supports continuous engagement with international organisations and leading civil society organisations. In working with the UN, OECD, World Bank, International Maritime Organisation, WWF and Oxfam – among others – we act as a catalyst for change for a safe, fair, and sustainable mining and metals industry.

Enhance understanding

We advocate the values of a responsible and sustainable mining and metals industry, and promote the contributions of responsibly produced minerals and metals to society. We develop toolkits and guidance to enhance take up of industry good practice, and support thought leadership to support debate on the contribution of minerals and metals to modern life, and the tackling of societal challenges.

Shape the policy environment

We bring evidence-based perspectives and considered thought leadership to inform the delivery of policies and standards that support sustainable development outcomes. ICMM is considered the ‘voice of the mining and metals industry’ on sustainability issues by organisations as diverse as Dow Jones Sustainability, Carbon Disclosure Project, and GRI. ICMM also supports EITI to drive improvements in governance and revenue transparency, and engages with OECD and IMO to offer insight on regulatory guidance.

Themes connecting our work

These themes are inter-related, mutually reinforcing, and supportive of the industry’s contribution to sustainable development. They encompass ICMM’s 10 principles, and are supported by an integrated and proactive communications approach.

Environmental performance

Mining and metals operations, local communities and others depend on water, land and energy. Securing access to these shared resources increasingly depends on demonstrating responsible stewardship and recognising the needs of local communities, conservation interests and other stakeholders. Leadership also involves committing to being part of the solution to climate change.

The role of mining and metals in society

The industry is essential to help societies develop. Beyond job creation and payment of taxes, responsible companies help promote better governance and enhanced transparency and accountability. Societal recognition of the essential contribution of metals and minerals to modern life, in part, depends on confidence that they are produced responsibly and can be used safely.

Human wellbeing

A responsible mining and metals industry puts people first. It provides safe and healthy work environments that protect against accidents and occupational diseases. It respects the rights of employees and local communities, and contributes to economic and social progress. This requires the meaningful involvement of people in decisions that affect their future.

Key focus areas

Inspiring and enabling leadership

Setting clear performance expectations for the mining and metals industry, sharing our insight and experience on tackling the issues that matter most to society and facilitating partnerships that support the delivery of the sustainable development agenda to:

Innovating for the future

Driving a step-change in the way we design, build and operate mines to reduce waste, minimise carbon emissions, improve worker safety, and contribute to the development of local communities through transformative partnerships and innovation to:

Strengthening operational capacity

Demonstrating and promoting leading environmental and social practices that will enable better industry‐wide performance across areas that society cares deeply about to:

Values guiding our work

We have five values that guide our work and how we interact with others.

Care for the safety, health and well-being of workers, contractors, communities and consumers.

Respect for people, the environment and the values of host societies.

Integrity in dealings with employees, communities, governments and others.

Accountable to do what we say we will do and uphold our commitments.

Collaborate as a preferred means of working with others in an open, transparent and inclusive manner.

Our structure

ICMM’s structure is designed to maximise opportunities for collaboration among mining and metals industry leaders.


ICMM is governed by a Council, comprising the CEOs of company members. The role of our Council is to set ICMM's strategic direction and evaluate and endorse policy recommendations.

Principal Liaisons Committee

Formed of representatives from member companies, nominated by Council, and two from the Associations Coordination Group, the Principal Liaisons Committee is responsible for implementing ICMM strategy.

Associations Coordination Group

The Associations Coordination Group is made up representatives from our association members. The group comes together to discuss common strategic issues and provide informed opinions to the Council and Principal Liaisons Committee.

Programme committees and working groups

Specialist Programme Committees deliver ICMM’s priority programmes. Each committee is supported by a number of working groups.

ICMM staff

ICMM’s day-to-day activities are executed by ICMM’s staff. Our physical office is in London. The team comprises senior management, programme specialists, communications, finance and administration.