Our strategy

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Leadership through collaboration to enhance the contribution of mining and metals to sustainable development.

No matter where we are in the world, metals and minerals are a part of our everyday life. And simply put, the ‘green’ version of almost anything will mean the use of even more metals. But ICMM doesn’t see this as a license for industry to mine them at all costs. Quite the contrary, we see the imperative to mine with principles.

It is our fundamental belief that when mined and produced responsibly, minerals and metals can be transformational for local communities and entire nations. Taxes, jobs, skills, infrastructure, and community services are just some of the ways that host countries have experienced the benefits of mining. We are committed to maximising these, while minimising any potential for harm to people or planet.

We cannot think of a more important and exciting time to be a part of the mining industry. And we are pleased to share with you our Strategy and Action Plan, 2022–2024.

You will see, among many changes, that we have a renewed Vision of ‘a safe, just and sustainable world enabled by responsibly produced minerals and metals’, and introduced a dynamic Purpose statement – ‘leadership through collaboration to enhance the contribution of mining and metals to sustainable development’.

In stating our Purpose, we asked ourselves “what would the world miss if ICMM didn’t exist?” For our CEO Ro Dhawan the answer is – an example of the progress that’s possible when we collectively focus on helping to improve the lives of people and the state of our planet.

Our Strategy and Action Plan 2022–2024

Our Strategy and Action Plan 2022–2024 delivers on our purpose by enabling ambitious collective action that drives performance improvement at scale on key Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) issues.

We have set out strategic priorities that put us on a course towards achieving breakthroughs for the mining and metals industry in the critical areas of climate and environmental resilience, social performance, governance and transparency, and innovation for sustainability. You can effectively read these as ESG-I. Collectively, these priorities continue many important aspects of our past strategy, such as our focus on climate change and community resilience, while introducing exciting new elements, such as circular economy and diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I).

Our areas of work

Climate and environmental resilience

Our goal

Responsible management of natural resources and our interfaces with them, for the benefit of people and planet.

Our priorities

Social performance

Our goal

Seeking beneficial outcomes for communities and wider society from our activities, engagements, and commitments that affect stakeholders and our
relationships with them.

Our priorities

Governance and transparency

Our goal

Promoting governance that helps realise benefits from natural resources, and standards and reporting systems that support transparency and accountability.

Our priorities

Innovation for sustainability

Our goal

Creating new products, processes or approaches that enable significant progress on key mining sustainability challenges.

Our priorities

Values guiding our work

We have five values that guide our work and how we interact with others.

Care for the safety, health and well-being of workers, contractors, communities and consumers.

Respect for people, the environment and the values of host societies.

Integrity in dealings with employees, communities, governments and others.

Accountable to do what we say we will do and uphold our commitments.

Collaborate as a preferred means of working with others in an open, transparent and inclusive manner.

How we work

We want to be judged by our actions and not simply by our words. This is why the commitments we make are enshrined in our Mining Principles. These principles define good practice environmental, social and governance requirements for the industry through a comprehensive set of performance expectations. The implementation of these expectations is supported by robust site-level  validation, transparent disclosure of the outcomes and credible assurance of corporate sustainability reports.

These principles are neither static nor do they represent the ceiling of our ambition. We are always challenging ourselves to go ever further in setting the highest of standards for responsible mining, and for delivery. Any additional or changed commitments are approved by our Council, which comprises the CEOs of our company members. This ensures that they are understood and endorsed at the highest levels within our company members. Although we strive for unanimity, we recognise that on occasion there may be reasonable grounds why individual companies may not be able to commit to positions at the time of approval. That is why, under a policy known as ‘conform or explain’ introduced in 2021, we adopt a common position when at least 75 per cent of members are able to commit to implementation, and any company members that are unable to do so at the time have 12 months to either adopt the position or publicly explain the reasons why they cannot.

In addition to our company members, we count over 35 national and commodity associations as members, who each share our commitment to responsible and sustainable mining practices. By working together, we hope to achieve a positive impact on our wider industry that enhance the contribution of mining and metals to sustainable development. This embodies our purpose of providing leadership through collaboration. To maximise our reach in the future, we will seek to enhance opportunities for collaborate with as broad range of partners from outside the industry, including organisations from civil society, international development, the financial sector, and linked industries in the future.

As we embark on our new strategy, we are doubling down on the spirit of partnership and collaboration. Our project set was developed with this very much in mind, and we commit to working where we can work with others for maximum impact at scale. In short, if you share our vision for a safe, just and sustainable world and believe in the power of voluntary corporate leadership, then there’s a good chance we should be working together if we aren’t already, please get in touch.