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Our priorities

In executing the ICMM strategic strategy and action plan: 2016–2018, we are actively supporting the mining and metals industry to raise standards and improve performance across the priority areas of environmental stewardship, the role of mining and metals in society and human well-being. We want to adopt a collaborative approach to support positive engagement with host communities, build trust in the mining and metals industry and catalyse social and economic development.

Environmental stewardship

Mining and metals operations depend on water, land and energy. Securing access to these shared resources increasingly depends on demonstrating responsible stewardship and recognising the needs of local communities, conservation interests and other stakeholders. Leadership also involves committing to being part of the solution to climate change. For more information see Environment.

Role of mining and metals in society

The industry is essential to help societies develop. Beyond job creation and payment of taxes, responsible companies help strengthen governance and enhance expectations of transparency and accountability. Recognition of the essential contribution of metals and minerals to modern life requires confidence that they are produced responsibly and can be used safely. For more information see Society and the economy and Metals and minerals.

Human well-being

A responsible mining and metals industry puts people first.It provides safe and healthy work environments that protect against accidents and occupational diseases. It respects the rights of employees and local communities and contributes to economic and social progress. This requires the meaningful involvement of people in decisions that affect their future. For more information see Health and safety and Society and the economy.

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