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Our activities and expected outcomes

Water and land stewardship

Members ensure operations have a minimal impact on biodiversity and include robust catchment-based approaches to water risk management.

Climate change and energy

Member operations develop and deploy low-emission technologies, and support vulnerable local communities to adapt to the effects of climate change.

Responsible supply and use of materials

Members lead in promoting shared responsibility across the value chain by understanding risks, enhancing materials stewardship and promoting efficiency and waste reduction.

Contribution of mining and metals

Members lead in engaging with stakeholders to fully understand societal concerns, and respond with sensitivity to build trust and acceptance in a responsible mining and metals industry.

Transparency and governance

Members support initiatives that improve transparency and enhance the quality of governance so that countries and communities benefit from the development of natural resources.

Economic and social progress

Members lead in effectively managing operational social risks. And collaborate to realise the potential for mining to benefit society and the economy.

Health and safety

Members lead the industry by an unwavering commitment to zero fatalities, the prevention of accidents through effective risk management and employee well-being.

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