Our structure

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ICMM’s structure is designed to maximise opportunities for collaboration among mining and metals industry leaders. We are governed by a council of the chief executives from all member companies, and two representatives from our member associations.



ICMM is governed by a council, comprising the CEOs of member companies and two heads from our association members. The role of the council is to guide strategic direction and evaluate and endorse policy recommendations. It meets twice a year.

Principal liaisons committee

Formed of representatives from member companies, nominated by council, and two from the associations coordination group, the principal liaisons committee is responsible for implementing ICMM strategy. The committee meets three times a year.

Associations coordination group

The associations coordination group is made up of our member associations. The group meets twice a year to discuss common strategic issues and provide informed opinions to the council and principal liaisons committee.

Communications oversight committee

The communications oversight committee is responsible for executing ICMM’s communications strategy and ensuring integration of communications across the three priority programmes. The committee meets twice a year.

Programme committees and working groups

Specialist programme committees deliver ICMM’s three priority programmes. Each committee is supported by a number of working groups. The programme committees meet twice a year. 


Supervision of ICMM’s day-to-day activities is the responsibility of ICMM staff based in London. The team comprises senior management, programme specialists, communications, finance and administration.