Member requirements

ICMM’s Mining Principles respond to evolving societal expectations of industry by strengthening our company member requirements.

ICMM's Mining Principles define the good practice environmental, social and governance requirements of company members through a comprehensive set of 38 Performance Expectations and eight related position statements on a number of critical industry challenges. Implementation of the Mining Principles will support progress towards the global targets of the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Agreement on climate change. Incorporating robust site-level validation of performance expectations and credible assurance of corporate sustainability reports, ICMM’s Mining Principles seek to maximise the industry’s benefits to host communities, while minimising negative impacts to effectively manage issues of concern to society.

ICMM's Mining Principles

Our enhanced ICMM Mining Principles strengthen social and environmental requirements, on issues such as labour rights, resettlement, gender, access to grievance mechanisms, mine closure, pollution and waste.

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ICMM's Position Statements

Position Statements are endorsed by the ICMM Council and include specific commitments that members must implement, alongside the Performance Expectations.

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Assurance and validation

Assurance and validation processes reinforce our members' commitment to transparency, and ensures the credibility of reported progress on social and environmental performance.

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Mining Principles PDF

Read ICMM's Mining Principles and Performance Expectations in full.

Investor factsheet PDF

An introduction to ICMM's Mining Principles for the investor community.

Introduction to Mining Principles PowerPoint

Download a PDF version of our introduction to ICMM's Mining Principles PowerPoint.

Public consultation PDF

Learn about the outcomes of the 2018 public consultation.